Elycia Solomon Sherman ’95 S90

Sherman1Inside center (#12)
1995 National Champion
Member of 1994 Rugby Tour
Major: Comparative Literature

Came to Princeton from The Greenhill School in Dallas, Texas along with national championship flanker Taura Null ’95. In Highschool, Elycia played varsity field hockey and soccer (both with Taura) as well as running track and pitching a bit for the softball team.

Elycia joined the rugby team freshman year after roommate Kim Henderson regaled her with stories of practice (and maybe keg?). Having never even seen a match before arriving at Princeton, her love for the sport came from nightly dinners in Wilson College with coach Alex Curtis, as well as the camaraderie of the incredible and determined women who eventually lead the team to the National Championship in 1995.

Sherman2Elycia now lives in NYC with her husband Vince Sherman ’90, her two daughters Paige and Brooke, and her two black Labradors Sasha and Langley.

Having spent most of her career as an oil trader at Morgan Stanley, Elycia now works for a small hedge fund. Needless to say, she credits rugby with helping her land her first job on a trading desk, as well as her endurance in a demanding career.

While she might have learned everything she needed to know in life from the rugby pitch, she credits the older generations of rugby alumni for modeling the leadership and political skills that have helped her develop as a business person, and the changing roster of undergraduates with keeping her connections to an ever evolving Princeton University very much alive.

A team is something that you participate in for four years, a club is an organization that you join for life.