The Princeton Women’s Rugby team had a great continuance to their Fall 15s season. They
played their first official match at home against Boston University. The game had a bit of a slow
start, but picked up within the first twenty minutes of the first half. Co-captain Sydney Hsu ‘22
was incredible on the field, lending support to rookies and returners alike whenever she was
needed. At the end of the day, PUWFRC had an impeccable victory in their first official match.

First Half

Princeton started off the first half by a try from senior Sydney Hsu within the first twenty
minutes; she also made the conversion, making the score 7:0. Within ten minutes, Sydney Hsu
scored again with a successful conversion kick, making the score at the end of the first half 14:0.
Sydney Hsu made three out of four conversion kicks. The Tigers had great offense, finding gaps
in the defense and taking them. Their defense was incredible as well, with numerous recoveries
and successful tackles. A couple of times, Boston University managed to get near their try line,
but the Tigers’ defensive line was impenetrable.

Second Half

Eight changes were made during the second half. The Tigers kept aggressively playing, not
letting Boston score a single try. During this half, tries were made by Maria Restrepo ‘22 and
Sydney Hsu ‘22, making the score 26:0 Princeton. During this half, the offense played well and
used attacking techniques and plays we learned during training this season. During the second
half, the Tigers’ defense got even stronger, putting enough pressure on Boston to make them turn
the ball over. The weather conditions were incredible: an overcast with a subtle breeze. In the
end, PUWRFC played a great game and proved that the training is paying off.

Final Score

Princeton University – 26

Boston University – 0


1. Frances Walker ‘22/ Priya Naphade ‘24
2. Monica Patino ‘22
3. Maria Restrepo ‘22/ JT Tao ‘22
4. Alissa Nalewajko ‘22/ Tori Schneider ‘23
5. Hadley Clayton ‘23
6. Kathryn Kennedy ‘23
7. Leilani Bender ‘24/ Kateri Espinosa ‘24
8. Madison Linton ‘24/ Andrea Peecher GS
9. Sidney Gregorek ‘22
10. Iliyah Coles ‘22
11. Elizabeth Polubinski ‘25/ Amelia Sanchirico ‘25
12. Shay McBride ‘22
13. Martha Clark ‘22/ Rachel Fung GS
14. Jane Castleman ‘24/ Brooke Beers ‘25
15. Sydney Hsu ‘22

*During the second half the subs mixed around*

Player T C PKTotal Points 
Sydney Hsu33021
Maria Restrepo1005


Scrums Won PrincetonBostonRe-ScrumsTotal Scrums 
To Princeton8019
To Boston211316