As the body responsible for stewardship of the Club’s finances and traditions, the Princeton University Rugby Endowment Board is dedicated to developing, sustaining and maintaining a best-in-class Rugby Program and community for generations of Princeton University Ruggers past, present and future. We believe in and strive to:

  • Maintain best-in-class fields and facilities
  • Provide professional coaching and instruction
  • Ensure competent medical support
  • Provide financial support necessary for any athlete to enjoy a complete Princeton Rugby experience
  • Provide ongoing mentoring for our dedicated and diverse student athletes
  • Foster community and camaraderie within and across generations of Princeton Rugby players
Fields and Facilities

Princeton University established one of the 1st collegiate rugby clubs in the nation, dating back to the late 1870s, and the PURFC must be among the longest continuously playing rugby clubs. It celebrated the 85th year of continuous play in 2015, and 35th year of Women’s Rugby. We believe this rich heritage deserves best-in-class amenities. Haaga House and Rickerson Field are the heart and soul of our Rugby Program, providing the undergraduates with the facilities needed to compete at the highest collegiate level. We are grateful to our Princeton Rugby Friends, who continue to support the creation and upkeep of these incredible fields, facilities and funding for the Club.

Coaching and Instruction

The Princeton Rugby Endowment supports the hiring of dedicated coaches with deep connections to collegiate rugby, who recognize the special kind of student-athletes at our world-class university. They teach the sport and sportsmanship, technical skills as well as leadership, to experienced and novice players alike.

Medical Support

We believe that our student-athletes deserve high-quality medical care, as rugby is a contact sport. As such, the Board works closely with the University, its Athletics Department and with University Health Services to ensure consistent medical oversight of our players, with fully certified trainers and other medical personnel present at practices and all games.

Financial Support

We believe that all players, regardless of personal finances, should participate equally in team activities, and we provide a financial support system to ensure that all team members are able to travel to games, attend clinics and fully participate in all team events.


We are passionate in our belief in the value of student-run organizations as a learning experience outside the normal college curriculum. By design, undergraduates take leadership roles in club management, financial management, and campus relations. As a result, Princeton’s Rugby players learn important lessons that translate successfully into their later personal and professional lives. Our student leaders are often recognized for their contributions to Club Sport Athletics, and serve as mentors to other teams and clubs on the Princeton Campus.

One of the things that differentiates Princeton Rugby from other programs is that our Rugby Friends have long been serving very effectively as mentors to undergraduate players and recent Alumni/ae. We are now striving to extend the program by formalizing a database of Rugby Friends willing to speak or meet with students and younger Alumni/ae to share their experiences and career advice.


From the incredible successes our Alumni/ae enjoy in their lives beyond Princeton’s gates, we know that the unique experience of participating in a competitive, intercollegiate club sport provides opportunities to develop valuable skills, to share indelible experiences both on and off the field and to forge bonds that last well beyond the four years spent at Princeton. We are heartened to watch as this camaraderie continues through the years and across the generations of Princeton Rugby players.

We believe that a college athletic team is something that you join for up to four years, but the Princeton University Rugby Football Club is an organization that you join for life. We fully support programs that continue to foster and strengthen our Princeton Rugby community, including the Flying Tigers Alumni team that continues to tour the world, our annual Senior Recognition Dinner that routinely sees attendees spanning 50 years, and Program Anniversary events that help us all celebrate the rich heritage of Princeton Rugby.

We are always looking for Alumni/ae to support our ongoing efforts, and always eager to hear from our community. So, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

The PURFC Endowment Board

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