First Half

The Tigers kicked off to start the game. The Tigers quickly regain control of the ball and make a slow but steady progression to attempt to score a try. The ball is kicked out of bounds by Virginia Tech. However, even after losing the lineout, the Tigers regain the ball near the opposition’s try line. After key disruption of the defense by junior Sarah Dillender and co-captain Felicia Saravo as ball carriers, Senior Ayanna Mathews is able to make the first try of the game for the Tigers within the first five minutes of game play. Though Virginia Tech quickly moves to the Tiger’s try line to score, the Tigers are able to hold up Virginia Tech right in front of the try line for another three minutes before they make the try. Another five minutes in, and a try is made by sophomore Martha Clark of the Tigers. The conversion by junior Coco Wallace is also successful. Midway through the half, senior Mariah Mcvey leaves the field and senior Dani Peters is subbed in. One minute later, a try is made by sophomore Ange Ndayishimiye. The game is paused briefly for an injury on Virginia Tech’s side. When time begins to run again, both teams fight for control of the ball. For the next fifteen minutes, control shifts between both of the teams, with neither gaining headway. Once Virginia Tech regains control of the ball, a kick out of bounds sends the ball much farther down the field, and after Virginia Tech wins their lineout, closer to Princeton’s try line. Virginia Tech makes one more try and conversion as the half goes into overtime. The half closes out with a score of 17-12.

Score at Half:

Princeton University-17

Virginia Tech-12


Second Half

Virginia Tech kicks off to start the second half of the game. The ball is maintained by the Tigers for the first few minutes. The Tigers win their lineout after Sydney Hsu is tackled and forced out of bounds. At the four minute mark,  Dani Peters is moved to flanker as sophomore Martha Clark comes out of the game. Mariah McVey comes back into the game as right wing. There is no scoring for the first 36 minutes of the half, as the Tigers maintain their lead without allowing Virginia Tech to score. Sophomore Monica Patino is sent out of the game due to being yellow carded at the 36 minute mark. The Tigers are then down by one player. At this point, Virginia Tech is able to score a try and conversion against the Tigers. Two minutes later, at the 39 minute mark, Virginia Tech scores another try and conversion which ends the game.

Final Score:

Princeton University-17

Virginia Tech-26



  1. Katherine Leung ‘20
  2. Monica Patino ’22
  3. Maria Restrepo ‘21/ Frances Walker ‘22
  4. Joanna Villalobos ‘20
  5. Alissa Nalewajko ‘22/ Frances Walker ‘22
  6. Martha Clark ‘22/ Dani Peters ‘22
  7. Erika Escalona ‘21
  8. Ayanna Mathews ‘20
  9. Felicia Saravo ‘20
  10. Sarah Dillender ‘21
  11. Kaley Ubellacker ‘21
  12. Coco Wallace ‘21
  13. Ange Ndayishimiye ‘22
  14. Mariah McVey ‘20/ Dani Peters ‘20
  15. Sydney Hsu ‘21


First HalfSecond HalfDay Total
Scrums to:PUVirginia TechPUVirginia Tech
Won by PU20406
Won by Opponent23038
Game Total   435517
First HalfSecond HalfDay Total
Lineouts to:PUVirginia TechPUVirginia Tech
Won by PU10203
Won by Opponent13037
Not Straight00011
Game Total232411




Running Total of Points Earned by Player


Vs. BU



Vs. Bloomsburg



Vs. Virginia Tech

Total Points Scored
Coco Wallace1419233
Sydney Hsu1010020
Ayanna Mathews5055
Alexis Rysewk5005
Sarah Dillender2507
Ange Ndayishimiye05510
Martha Clark0055
Game Totals36391792