Newsletter – November 2015

85/35 Celebration Recap

Like our game itself, to play rugby at a competitive level, everyone on the team has to do his or her part, and be flexible and creative enough to change plays on the fly. Sometimes we do this by running with the ball, or by giving or taking a pass. Sometimes it is while contesting a lineout or properly joining a ruck. Sometimes it’s kicking or fielding up and unders. And, sometimes it is lining the field or arranging for the social afterwards.

Our Rugby Friends performed at championship caliber leading up to and throughout the 85/35 Celebration. Here are a few highlights

  • The day kicked off with a “standing room only” Rugby Mentoring Symposium Breakfast, organized by Campbell Gerrish ‘73, which was energizing and attended by Rugby Friends and many players alike;
  • More than half of the 50+ Friends who gave $25,000+ to the Rugby Endowment were on hand for the unveiling of a plaque listing their names at Haaga House (see photo below);
  • Hundreds of Rugby Friends created tunnels to welcome the home teams and then attended the games on a spectacular, perfectly clear day, where the Women crushed Boston College to qualify for USA Rugby’s Regionals in Pittsburgh on November 21 against Notre Dame, while the Men lost narrowly to Cornell; in addition, many Friends suited up and played in a “Flying Tigers” match that followed;
  • About 20% of our Rugby Friends, more than 300 strong, attended the 85/35 dinner (up from 225 at the 80/30, and 175 at the 75/25) including most of the 1995 and 1996 National Champion sides, which won 57 straight matches, and a reunion with their Coach Alex Curtis, now Headmaster of Choate Rosemary Hall (see photo);
  • Over 500 donors have given so far to the “All In for Princeton Rugby” initiative, committing to give to the Rugby Endowment for 5 years;
  • So far, at least one donor from each of 89 teams have made “All In” gifts, 27 women’s teams, and 62 men’s teams; many thanks to all donors (see TAGD story, below);
  • 19 teams are already 100% “All In,” and several more are over 75%.
  • Where does your Class stand in the “ranking table”?

We dreamed that we could accomplish some of this when the Rugby Endowment Board started planning for the weekend 15 months ago, but we could not have envisioned just how enriching the weekend would be for all who participated. We achieved such success because every one of our Rugby Friends did their part to help get Princeton Rugby into the end goal to spot the ball under the posts.

You’ll see more about the weekend in streams of emails or other social media from those who attended.

In the meantime, there is one more thing for you to do now:

Tiger Athletics Give Day – December 1, 2015

Tuesday, December 1 is the Tiger Athletics Give Day (“TAGD”), when Athletics Friends Groups show their support for the University’s athletic teams and its student-athletes.

The Rugby Endowment Board encourages our dedicated Rugby Friends to join in TAGD and give back to the Program that gave us so many indelible memories, so that we can continue to provide Princeton’s student-athletes the best rugby playing experience.

Please consider making your “All In” gift online on December 1 as part of TAGD. Make sure your teammates and Rugby Friends are TAGD too.

  • If you still have to make your “All In” donation for 2015, here is an easy way to move your team up on the ranking table.
  • If you are one of the 500+ Friends who already has given to the Rugby Endowment in 2015, this is a chance to “pay it forward” and fulfill your 2016 “All In” commitment to your teammates, just in time to capture a year-end tax deduction.

Here’s what you need to know and do:

  1. Only online gifts will be accepted on the TAGD giving portal. Have your credit card ready.
  2. Visit:
  • Once there, find the Club Sports list, and scroll down.
  • “Rugby Endowment Fund” is the last choice.
  • In the comment box, type “All In.” Online donations are assumed to be to “All In” and intended to fund the general Rugby Endowment unless you make it clear in the comment box that you wish your gift to go to another approved Rugby endowment (in that case, type in “Instruction” or “Fields” in comments).
  1. Make your gift any time between 12 a.m.-11:59 p.m. EST on December 1st.

Let’s see how many gifts the Princeton Rugby Endowment can receive in one day.

If 85/35 showed us anything, it’s that the Princeton Rugby community relishes and rallies around loyalty to our teammates and to the Princeton Rugby Program! Here’s another chance to give back, and to give thanks for the very special times you enjoyed through Rugby.

If you prefer to give to “All In” by check before December 31st, make it out to the “Princeton University, Rugby Endowment” with “All In” in the memo line. Send your check to Brian Anderson ’09, Athletics Friends Groups, 330 Alexander Street, Princeton, NJ 08540.


Stu Rickerson ’71