Princeton University Women’s Rugby team kicked off their 15’s season with an exciting game resulting in a win! The Tigers, who went into the game with only 1 substitute and a field dominated by sophomores with little 15’s experience, had a rough start with a score of 0-22 by the end of the first half. However, a great deal of heart was seen in the second half of the game, allowing the Tigers to overcome the deficit with a 27-22 win. The leadership of on-field captains, Alex Aparicio ‘18 and Keren Kabambi ‘19, helped lead the ladies to an impressive victory, even after the team was knocked down to just 14 players on the field.

First Half:

Princeton kicked off the game off with a shaky start as the players had to adjust to their first game with the new laws. The Tigers received a few penalties for being offsides and one for ground play. This allowed UMBC to easily pass the gain line and score the first try. A penalty by UMBC gave Princeton a chance to reorganize, however UMBC eventually broke through the defense, scoring once again. After breaking through the defense of the Tigers yet another two times, UMBC scored 2 more tries, ending the half with a score of 0-22 with UMBC in the lead.

Second Half:

The Tigers keep their heads high as they enter the second half, and bring out a new level of intensity. The Tigers make effective offloads and begin gaining ground more effectively. Alex Aparicio ‘18 takes the ball to the line, where her support, Gabby Gibbons ‘18 picks and scores the first try for Princeton. The conversion is not made. The Tigers continue to give it their all, taking advantage of a penalty play that leads to another unconverted try by Gibbons. Gibbons is then the second player to become injured, leaving the Tiger with only 14 players on the field. After a lineout to UMBC, won by UMBC, the Tigers take possession of the ball. Two penalties allows the Tigers to get close to the try line, and after a third penalty, a strong effort by Keren Kabambi ‘18 and Jesenia Haynes ‘18 brings the ball out to wing Alicia Wang ‘19 to score the unconverted try. Princeton scores a quick fourth try after Felicia Saravo ‘20 taps after a penalty and gets the ball out to Kabambi who finds a gap and scores. Alicia Wang makes the conversion to tie the game. Soon after, Saravo makes a quick tap that takes UMBC by surprise, takes it down to Preeti Iyer ‘20, who has a great run and scores the unconverted try. In the final 45 seconds of the game, UMBC gives it their all after a midfield scrum and nears the try line. UMBC attempts to dot down the try, but Alexis Rysewyk ‘20, who also had some crucial runs throughout the game, prevents the try by getting her hand under the ball. The game come to the close with a Princeton win 27-22.


Gabby Gibbons ‘182
Keren Kabambi ‘181
Alicia Wang ‘191
Preeti Iyer ‘201



Alicia Wang ‘191

Final Score: Princeton W 27-22