The Princeton Women’s Rugby team remains undefeated after playing the University of Pennsylvania this past weekend. The Tigers worked hard over the week to improve some of their individual skills like rucking, and it really showed. At the end of the day, Penn scored just one try against the Tigers, the first points conceded this season. Once again, captains Keren Kabambi ‘19 and Felicia Saravo ‘20 were on top of their game and helped lead everyone on the field. Rookies playing their first match contributed all around. Throughout the game, flanker Kate Denner showed her amazing skills on the field as she made some great runs and tackles, which earned her the “Player of the Match” cup. The Tigers are showing that hard works keeps us on top!


First Half:

The Tigers established their dominance from the very beginning. Within the first half, the Tigers scored 8 tries, of which Sarah Dillender and Alicia Wang converted multiple. Senior Faith Garcia subbed out for an injury after doing a great job on the field. During the first half, the Tigers slowly but surely improved on their rucking and played great defense. Penn did not score– but tries for Princeton were awarded to Sydney Hsu (x3), Kate Denner, Coco Wallace (x2), Felicia Saravo, and Alicia Wang.


Second Half:

A few substitutions were made at halftime. Princeton scored eight more tries and conversions were made by Sarah Dillender and Alicia Wang. When the Penn team dropped to 14 players, Coco Wallace left the field to even out the numbers.  Penn scored one try. The second half Princeton tries were scored by Coco Wallace (x3 + penalty try), Kate (Trouble) Leung, Keren Kabambi (x2), Sydney Hsu, and Ange Ndayishimiye. Ange and Trouble scored their first A-side tries and made major offensive contributions to Princeton’s 111-5 victory.

Lineup/ Subs:

  1. Katherine Leung ‘20 / Ellen O’Malley ‘22
  2. Monica Patino ‘22
  3. Faith Garcia ‘19 /  Maria E. Restrepo ‘21
  4. Sofia Briones ‘21
  5. Kat Mumm ‘21
  6. Alexis Rysewyk ‘20 / Alissa Nalewajko ‘22
  7. Kate Denner ‘19
  8. Keren Kabambi ‘19
  9. Felicia Saravo ‘20
  10. Sarah Dillender ‘21
  11. Mariah McVey ‘20 / Ange Ndayishimiye ‘22
  12. Kaley Ubellacker ‘21
  13. Coco Wallace ‘21**
  14. Alicia Wang ‘19 / Minh Thi Nguyen ’21
  15. Sydney Hsu ‘21 / Claire Du ‘20

**Coco left the game with 10 minutes remaining to keep numbers even, 14 on 14.



NameTCPKTotal Points
Coco Wallace401***27
Sarah Dillender19023
Sydney Hsu40020
Alicia Wang13011
Keren Kabambi 20010
Kate Denner1005
Felicia Savaro1005
Katherine Leung1005
Ange Ndayishimiye1005

*** Referee called a penalty try after repeated infringements from Penn near their own try line. Worth 7 Points.



Scrums WonPrinceton PennRe-scrumsTotal Scrums
To Princeton5005
To Penn212216


Lineouts WonPrinceton PennNot StraightTotal Lineouts
To Princeton1012
To Penn3003


2018 Schedule and Results

09/29/18 Princeton @Cornell: 88-0 Princeton

10/06/18 Princeton @Yale: 111-0 Princeton

10/13/18 Penn @Princeton: 111-5 Princeton

10/20/18 Columbia @Princeton

10/27/18 Ivy semifinals

11/10/18 Ivy Finals

Record: 3-0