Last weekend, the Princeton University Women’s Rugby Football Club (PUWRFC) played its first game of the fall 15’s season against Boston University. The team was also lucky to have the support of some rugby alumni that came out to watch the team play, including Alex Howson ’95, Stu Rickerson ’71, and Paul Haaga ’70.

First Half

The Tigers kicked off to start the game. However, the Tigers quickly retake the ball after it is caught by a Boston University player. Junior Coco Wallace scores the first try of the game for the Tigers within the first three minutes of gameplay. Boston University quickly follows with a try of their own in the next two minutes, bringing the score to an even 5-5.  Sophomore Alissa Nalewajko comes out of the game shortly following this try due to an injury, with junior Uyen Nguyen taking her place. A lineout by Boston University is intercepted by the Princeton Tigers. A few more minutes into the half junior Sydney Hsu is finds a hole in the defense which leads her to score the second try for the Tigers. After Boston University wins their own lineout, the Tigers quickly retake the ball. Co-Captain and senior Alexis Rysewyk is able to score another try. Junior Sarah Dillender’s conversion kick is also good, bringing the score to 17-5 in favor of the Tigers. With less thank 15 minutes left in the half, junior Erika Escalona is yellow carded and sent out of the game. The Tigers continue with only 14 players for the rest of the half. However, this does not discourage the Tigers. After another ten minutes of the ball shifting between both teams, Coco Wallace scores another try. The half closes out with a score of 22-5.

Score at Half: Princeton University 22, Boston University 5


Second Half

In the second half, all the starting 15 go back in, with Alissa Nalewajko and Erika Escalona both returning to the field. A kick from Boston University begins the game. The ball shifts between the two teams for much of the first few minutes. Boston University then scores the first try of the game. Three minutes later, BU scores another try and conversion against the Tigers, bringing the score to 22-17. After fighting to gain ground on Boston U, Sydney Hsu is able to make yet another try for the Tigers. Coco Wallace’s conversion kick is also success. Only two minutes later, senior Ayanna Mathews of the Tigers is able to score a try for the Tigers. The conversion kick by Coco Wallace is also successful. Halfway into the half, senior Dani Peters comes in for senior Mariah McVey, and sophomore Frances Walker enters the game as a substitute for senior Katherine “Trouble” Leung. A few minutes later, Boston University is able to score another try against the Tigers, bringing the score to 36-24. With a few minutes to spare, sophomore Jessica “JT” Tao enters the game in place of junior Maria Restrepo. After the ball goes out of bounds, Boston University’s lineout allows them to maintain the ball. In the final minutes of the game, Boston University is able to make a final try and conversion kick.

Final Score: Princeton University 36, Boston University 31



  1. Katherine Leung ‘20/ Frances Walker ‘22
  2. Monica Patino ’22/ Maria Restrepo ‘21/ Jessica (JT) Tao ‘22
  3. Erika Escalona ‘21
  4. Joanna Villalobos ‘20
  5. Alexis Rysewyk ‘20
  6. Alissa Nalewajko ‘22 /Trang Uyen Nguyen ‘21
  7. Martha Clark ‘22
  8. Ayanna Mathews ‘20
  9. Felicia Saravo ‘20
  10. Sarah Dillender ‘21
  11. Kaley Ubellacker ‘21
  12. Coco Wallace ‘21
  13. Ange Ndayishimiye ‘22
  14. Mariah McVey ‘20/ Dani Peters ‘20
  15. Sydney Hsu ‘21


 ScrumsFirst HalfSecond HalfMatch Total
Scrums to:PUBUPUBU 
Won by PU50409
Won by Opponent440513
Match Total1044523


 LineoutsFirst HalfSecond HalfMatch Total
Lineouts to:PUBUPUBU 
Won by PU00011
Won by Opponent02024
Not Straight00000
Match Total02035


Running Points By Player


vs. BU


Coco Wallace1414
Sydney Hsu1010
Ayanna Matthews55
Alexis Rysewyk55
Sarah Dillender22
Game Totals3636