The Princeton Women’s Rugby team had a great first scrimmage to start off their Fall 15s season. They played their first match post-COVID against TCNJ on Saturday. The match was instructional, with 15-minute quarters and 5 minutes for instruction in between each one. Rookies and returners alike took to the field today, many still learning along the way. Though it was a scrimmage, PUWFRC came out with an overwhelming victory.

First Quarter

The first quarter started off strong with a try scored by Shay McBride ‘22 and a successful
conversion kick by Sydney Hsu ‘22 within the first three minutes. Another try was scored ten
minutes later by senior Frances Walker, with another successful conversion kick by Sydney Hsu.
Within the last few minutes of the first quarter, Princeton scored again: a try by Sydney Hsu ‘22
and a successful conversion kick by Sidney Gregorek ‘22. The score at the end of the first
quarter was 21:0.

Second Quarter

The second quarter started off with quite a few scrums. Princeton eventually maintained
possession and another try was scored by Shay McBride ‘22 with a conversion kick by Sidney
Gregorek ‘22. Princeton played great defense and was able to regain the ball, allowing Shay
McBride ‘22 to score another try with a conversion kick by Sydney Hsu ‘22. The score at the end
of the second quarter was 33:0.

Third Quarter

Princeton’s defense was remarkable in the third quarter, regaining possession of the ball several
times. In the last few minutes, a try was scored by senior Maria Restrepo. The conversion kick
was unsuccessful, bringing the score at the end of the third quarter to 38:0.

Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter was very much neck and neck, as no tries were made. Both Princeton’s attack
and defense were strong, and they were able to prevent TCNJ from scoring a single point. The
final score was 38:0.

Final Score:

Princeton University-38




1. Frances Walker ‘22/ JT Tao ‘22
2. Monica Patino ‘22/ Kateri Espinosa ‘24
3. Maria Restrepo ‘22/ Priya Naphade ‘24
4. Hadley Clayton ‘23
5. Sofia Briones ‘22/ Tori Schneider ‘23
6. Kathryn Kennedy ‘23
7. Alexis Rysewyk GS/ Leilani Bender ‘24
8. Madison Linton ‘24
9. Sidney Gregorek ‘22
10. Iliyah Coles ‘22
11. Grace Morris ‘24/ Amelia Sanchirico ‘25
12. Shay McBride ‘22
13. Jane Castleman ‘24
14. Elizabeth Polubinski ‘25
15. Sydney Hsu ‘22
*During the second half the subs mixed around* 

Player T C PKTotal Points 
Shay McBride30015
Sydney Hsu14011
Signey Gregorek0202
Frances Walker1005
Maria Restrepo1005